Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sewing Machine Training--Alair

On 4 April 2017, ten treadle and powered sewing machines were delivered to Alair village.

These are the start of a "Stitching  Training" program for the Ladies Association of Alair.

The machines are made by Singer, the model is Merritt. They are a single straight stitching    machine. 

If the power goes out, the ladies just hook up the treadle belt and keep on stichin!

On the 9th of April, we gathered to celebrate the completion of the Project.

Over 80 ladies gathered to help celebrate the creation of a sewing training center.

MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly--Telangana State) Sunitha (at center in the red saree) was present to cheer the group along! 

She and her staff have helped make this Project possible.

Darla visits with the instructor and other leaders of the new training center.

Here are examples of bags already made by some of the ladies. Part of the training will be embroidery and general crafts. A marketing firm has already placed an order for 1,000 bags to sell on behalf of the Ladies' Association cottage industry.

Darla receives a bouquet of flowers and a shawl on behalf of LDS Charities.

They expect over 1,100 women to be involved in the training. This is the beginning of building self-confidence, mastery of skills that are marketable--through family cottage industries, or employment with local textile firms. It is the seed of self-reliance we hope will blossom for generations to come. 

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