Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rajahmundry District 2015 Young Single Adult Conference--26-27 Nov 2015

Getting ready for the 2015 Young Single Adult Conference.

The theme:

1 Nephi 16:29
"By small means the Lord can bring about great things"

Along with Brother and Sister Penugula, we were in charge of the "Fun Area"---games and more games!

Drop the clothes pin in the cup...

Simple, right?

Get the cookie in your mouth game...

Memory games...

What was that??

Pass the hat...while the music plays. Don't get caught with the hat or YOU'RE OUT!

One of the Young Adults gave Sister Newton a flower for her hair.

Conference staff

It was Thanksgiving day--here was our breakfast:

Plain and onyon bungee with hot curry sauces... mmm good!

Lunch was rice biryani, mutton curry, raita, and crackers--NO TOOLS TO EAT WITH. It's the Indian way!!

We went to a park to do a service project.

We cleaned up a mid-town park.

Many hands make light work...

these were Helping Hands!

The husband of the the Mayor of Rajahmundry came to thank us for our service to the community.  We were also interviewed for the all news local television station.

We were tired but satisfied with the hard work. Here is the whole work crew just before we loaded up the bus to go play!

And PLAY we did...

at the Riverbay Water Village along the Godavari River. 

Waahhh Hoooo!  Even District President Mummidi got thrown in the water!!

Kids Gala School Program--24 Nov 2015

Nichol and Jessy Raju invited us to their school "Kids Gala" presentations.

There was singing, dancing, skits, science demonstrations, English spelling and word mastery demonstrations...

Lots of bright colors and fast music!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Garden Parties--Nov 2015

On Thursday and Friday, November 19th and 20th we went to the Annual Garden Parties for the Third and First Branch. Here are the buses loading up in the morning.

Breakfast--Idly and a deep fried puffy thing and some HOT curry sauces.... YEEOW.

And water in a bag.

We had gospel workshops first.

Then we organized some silly games for everybody to play.

We had FUN!

Missionaries visiting with investigators and members.

Then it was play time in  the water!!  Wah Hoo.

Second Branch Garden Party

Fun with games, water play and GOOD FOOD!

A good time was had by everybody!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Everyday Life in Rajahmundry--Nov 2015

We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary on Monday, 2 November 2015. It began with phone calls and emails from members and missionaries. We went shopping for drapes in the afternoon; had Family Home Evening with the Young Single Adults at the Church; and was surprised with a cake and other treats. When we returned home--we were presented with another cake from the Chinna Family. Boy--Indians like to PARTY! 

Our new curtains

Top: Maroon and silver in the living room

Left: Brown and gold in the bedroom

Right: Bright red and gold in the office.

Here is our Family Home Evening group of Young Single Adults.

The Elders leaving the Church after a Zone Meeting.

Love those Elders!

We were able to find a 4'X4' white board for our office.
This shows the Humanitarian projects we are working on right now.

The Office starts to take shape with our desk chair and a file cabinet

The Yohan Family begins a new business.

This is the opening day of their food cart! 

We purchased our lunch and had it parceled to take home--GREAT food!!

We went shopping at little Spener's in our neighborhood and found some FANTASTIC treasurers!

Lunch at home--toasted cheese sandwich and Diet Coke!

Look who came to Church...a lizard creeps along the window.

Never a dull moment in India!

Raju operates a taxi service.

This is his car-- manufactured by 
TaTa Motors.

Proud to be a member!

Shekar Alamury's brand new twins. Shekar is a clean water project monitor in Hyderabad.

Here in India families are not allowed to know the sex of their babies before they are born. What a surprise--a boy and a girl!

We went shopping at the Rajahmundry Main Road Shopping Area.  WOW! Nothing but shops and people shopping!! No room for cars--just a few motorcycles and even fewer auto rickshaws.

You can see there is barely room for the auto to get down the street--suck in or get run over!

We found some muffin pans and three rugs for our apartment.

Sister Newton says we are coming back before we leave India and do some serious shopping!!

Rugs Aladdin could fly on!!

Playing "Musical Chairs" at Young Single Adult Family Home Evening. Only injured one Elder's finger and another Elder's leg.

We ordered 20 soccer balls to give to the children in the villages we visit. 20 balls.  20 packages. 20 sets of texts and emails telling the balls are sent, on their way and have arrived.

We gave one of the soccer balls to Pavan--the 7 year old son of our watchman. He was soooo excited.  Sister Newton played with him in the parking area on the ground floor of our apartment building.

We found some "India Magic Masala" Lays potato chips.

At first they are pretty non threatening--but wait for the after burner!  Yowwww.

One of our finds at Walmart this week was ground mutton.  We are told it is probably goat meat.

Still don't know how we will fix it. Sister Newton thawed it and cooked it all so we could save it in the freezer.

Maybe mutton spaghetti or goat tacos...

There is an eight story building being constructed across the street from our apartment building. The shell is cement but the walls are all brick and block. These people worked all day long carrying brick into the building. What a load!

Brother Penugula drives a really cool Ambassador automobile. They are made in India and have had the same design for decades. We are not sure how old this car is. He says it is a 2002 model--we think he purchased it in 2002 and that it is much older. It rides very smoothly and everything in it works.

Oh, it also has a computer-generated horn that plays multiple tones.

We went to a Family Home Evening/party at Brother and Sister Penugula's home. There were about 30 people there. Great Food! Fantastic company!! Lots of fun!

Lunch at a restaurant down the street from our apartment with the Elders. Soooo many curries and sauces to try. It was an experience!

Mutual activity--First Branch

Beach Party in November! At Kakinada Beach Park

We were quite the attraction.  Everybody wanted to shake our hands and get a picture with us.  We stuck our feet into the Bengal Sea just to be able to say we did it!

The Dowleswaram Branch had their Primary Sacrament Meeting Program on Sunday, 15 November 2015. It is tradition here to decorate the halls with posters, pictures, flowers and balloons. In this program, all the girls wore red and white dresses and the boys wore black bow ties and white shirts. They did an excellent job!!

The Rajahmundry Second Branch Primary Program had sunflowers and posters with decorations too. It was GREAT!!

Roadside stands.

Young Single Adult Family Home Evening activity--drop the clothes pin in the cup...harder than it looks!