Thursday, May 4, 2017

April 2017 in Rajahnundry

One of the last projects we worked on, the Lutheran High School in Dowleswaram, needed 54 new student desks--much like the ones provided to Zilla High School. We stopped in to visit a metal shop the first week in April to check on their ability to do the job.

A few days later we took the metal shop owner to Zilla to see the desks we wanted him to make. As we left, we joined a girls self-defense karate session.

Go Sister Newton!!

Two new Sister Missionaries--Sisters Massey & Swarna--joined us for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

We were able to catch Subbaro and Sitha--our watchman couple--and their family.

They are such great help to us!!

Larry turned 70 years old on 11 April. It is traditional for the birthday person to feed cake and then guests to feed the birthday person...good that the cake was good chocolate cake with cream frosting!

No, Suhira is not trying to pull a tooth...she is just feeding cake!

Over 30 people came to our tiny apartment to wish happy birthday, chat and eat cake!

It was great!

A gift from Raju and his family was a key chain with a grain of rice inside with Larry and Darla's name carved in the single grain.

Then it was back to work in our office...

Lunch with the Elders...

Ice cream with the Elders...

And, on the Friday before Easter, a Ward Missionary Activity with the Elders of the Second Ward.

Which included lots of games relating to workshops on the Plan of Salvation.
We hosted the Prathi Family for Family Home Evening on the 17th. Had a simple lesson on the importance of FHE; ate mashed potatoes, gravy and fried chicken; played a Gospel memory game and ate apple crisp and ice cream! 

A few days later, Sister Swarna finished her service, and we attended her farewell activity at the Stake Center.
This month, we also celebrated our 94th flight since our Mission service began in June 2015! Wow, that's a lot of boarding passes!

Here, we visit with the Bushi Family--with their brand new baby girl: Joanna

On the 25th we helped celebrate Nichol's "Coming of Age Function"

Nichol and her mom and dad.

Nichol's hair arrangement.

Ladies line dance...

Food, and more food!

BIG party.

Lots of desserts too!

We also attended a combined Zone Conference with Visakhapatnam 
and Rajahmundry.
Elder Evans of the Asia Area Presidency came and taught us.

It was good to be with the Elders and Sisters.

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