Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Simon Leprosy Colony

Simon Leprosy Colony is located in an area that once was considered "way out of town" from Rajahmundry. That was the custom in establishing locations for leprosy colonies.

Today, Rajahmundry has grown to the Colony.

There are 20 families living in the Colony.

Not all have houses. 

Some families live in lean-tos and other make-shift housing. 

People affected by leprosy mostly keep to themselves. They depend on each other. They have to. It's their survival pattern.

Our first visit was 7 Nov 2016. Here, Vincent--a Rising Star Social Worker--and Dr. Hilton--Medical Director and Managing Director-- and Augustus visit with Simon staff.

Rising Star deals solely with those affected by leprosy. This is not just the patient but the family members that have difficulties because of the stigma attached to the disease.

Here, a multi-generation family live in the Colony in a lean-to made from fish food sacks, poles and whatever else is available.

The Colony medical dispensary is located in a dilapidated 
building that has no electricity, a leaky roof and is nearly ready to fall down.

LDSC was not able to help with such large capital expenses, but Rising Star Outreach joined with the Project and is helping with building repairs. They will also be paying the salary of their Medical Practitioner that helps the people with their many needs.

LDSC is providing three new beds and linens for the leprosy patients who need more medical attention as their disease progresses.

Just before Christmas 2016 members of the Rajahmundry 
Stake assembled large fruit baskets for the members of the Colony.

What joy in giving and lifting the hearts of people who have so little!

Members of the Church and residents of the Colony both felt overwhelming thankfulness in giving...

and receiving...

Afterward we all sang Christmas carols and enjoyed the time together.

As we left, a little girl from one of the families affected by leprosy gave Elder and Sister Newton flowers that she had made. A sweet gesture from a sweet child.

On 15 March 2017 we went back to Simon and helped distribute 25 Micro Cellular Rubber (MCR) custom-made shoes for each person suffering with leprosy. Another Christian church coalition had donated tied quilts made by people in the U.S.

Ramesh, whose mother has leprosy, has studied tailoring. He was given a new specialized sewing machine by Rising Star Outreach. Here, he presents a bag that he stitched for Elder Newton. 

One last photo with everyone at Simon Leprosy Colony--it was time to say good bye. We love their smiles!!

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  1. I love reading about the India mission that you are serving. It is so wonderful to be a part of a church that will help on such a far reaching project. Thank you for serving.