Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pushkara Matha Recovery Center

The Pushkara Matha Rehabilitation Center deals with all addictions, but mostly alcohol addiction. India is in an upswing of people with alcohol addiction.  

It is the only treatment center in a six-district area so they treat men from different areas in Andhra Pradesh State. The center provides physical, mental, and financial counseling—which helps the patients become more self-reliant and successful in their recovery.

The center provides men with a 30-day program comprising detoxification, individual and family counseling, and group therapy and activities. They have a 90% success rate of people participating in their program.  This center takes 15 men at a time.

When we visited for the first time in November 2016, we visited with the ladies who attend the adult day care center part of Pushkara and helped serve them lunch. LDS Charities was able to provide the day care center with some long tables for their dining room.

Sisters from the Rajahmundry Stake enjoyed putting 200 hygiene kits together for those men who will be coming to the center for treatment.

LDS Charities provided new lights, fans, tables, chairs, cooking pots and utensils.  They also provided two blood pressure and two glucose monitors.

Part of the adventure was shopping for the sheets, pillow cases and pillows.
The wholesale bedding area of town is so crowded with people, bicycles, and auto rickshaws that we had to hire a bicycle rickshaw to haul our purchases back out to Raju's car.

We celebrated the completion of the project on 24 Feb 2017.

It was combined with the engagement ceremony and celebration of the Center Director's daughter, so there were lots of people present!

Sister Newton, Elder Newton and Augustus were all asked to speak.

Elder Newton was also asked to give a blessing prayer for the new couple.

A successful project and a great celebration!

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