Saturday, November 5, 2016

Yanam Wheelchairs--Completed 22 Oct 2016

On 11 August 2016 we traveled about two hours by car to Yanam, one of seven "Union Areas" of India that are designated as out of any state. They came as a result of being settled by other countries outside of India--France, Portugal, Spain and Holland. When India received its independence from Great Britain in August 1947, these areas remained "outside" of any state in India. Today, they are much like Washington D.C. in the USA--they receive services from the Central India Government, but they are not part of any state and therefore do not receive any state services. Their taxes are lower, but the people generally are extremely poor.

There was space outside and inside for people to wait for their assessment and interview.

This man explains how his disability came to him.

Each person receives one-on-one counseling and is measured for just the right chair for his needs.

This man looks for his government medical records in an old rice bag that he carries with him.

Careful measurements are made to ensure the chair fits the beneficiary so that no further internal injuries occur as a result of sitting in the chair for long periods of time.

A family counsels about the future of mobility and hope of better days.

Attentive volunteers help in any way they can to ensure each participant receives careful attention to every detail of their experience.

A long day for all of the volunteers--over 80 people are interviewed; 54 are scheduled to receive new wheelchairs that fit their needs in about six weeks.

On October 22, 2016 we gathered at Tallarevu Village, near Yanam, and distributed nearly all of the wheelchairs.

Happy faces with Bishop Vasantharao, the father of Pastor Sagar, our host.

Chief Minister Krishna Rao             MLA Subbaraju                     Pastor Sagar
Chief Minister Krishna Rao, MLA Datla Subbaraju and Pastor Sagar spoke. Also present was MLA Mummidlbaram. 

Other local leaders who spoke included the local Sarpanch and the immediate Past Sarpanch (President) of the Tallarevu Village.

Chief Minister Krishna Rao is Minister for Tourism and Health. He has served over 30 years as a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), serving the poor children and older people of this area. We also presented Minister Krishna with a commemorative LDSC crystal statue.

Happy people--

Happy families---

These are the days we love to have--the days we live for!

It was a GREAT DAY!

A family takes their new wheelchair home on the only mode of motorized transportation they have...the family scooter.

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