Sunday, November 6, 2016

Schade Girls High School--Rajahmundry--Completed 30 Dec 2016

In April 2016 we received approval to help the 120-year-old Schade Girls School in Rajahmundry. 

This famous school has 214 girls, grades 1 to 12 (equivalent in the U.S.). The school was founded by Miss Agnes Ida Schade of the Lutheran Church in 1894--the church has long forgotten about the school and does not provide any support at this time. 

The 13-member staff contributes a portion of their wages to keep the electricity on and drinking water close by.
Many of these women were students at Schade School.

The welcome we received when we first arrived in April was beyond words...

A parade--with us in the middle--that had drums, marching escorts, an ocean of flower pedals on our heads, dancers, and singers.

There was also a cultural program of traditional dancing.

The girls also sang several songs for us.

The school facility is very old and the water well had no pump.
They asked if we could provide a hand pump and a small garden. The Rajahmundry 2nd Branch will prepare a garden area that will have vegetables (for school lunch) and flowers (for botany class). 

We were able to provide them with new fans, wiring and lights...

as well as a student microscope, compound microscope, slides and a new printer for their desktop computer.

We were also able to install a hand pump for their well--they did not want an electric pump because they could not afford the electricity.

We returned on 31 Oct 2016 to celebrate the completion of the project.

We were again welcomed with music, flowers and personal escorts. 

We were again treated to a wonderful cultural event--dancing, scripture reading, and speeches of appreciation.

The students sang a Telugu hymn as well as the India national anthem.

It was a great day for LDSC and the Schade Girls School of Rajahmundry.

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  1. Awesome things are happening in India and you are a big part of it. Great stuff!!!!