Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 2016

We went to New Delhi and trained Elder and Sister Hubbard--from Sandy, UT. They were called as Public Relations missionaries and then also called to do humanitarian work when they arrived. 

Dr. Kamal Kumar (lower right) came to meet the Hubbards. He is our contact with officials in Delhi.

When it rains in Delhi, there is no place for the water to it runs down the streets, slowing and stopping traffic.

So, if you are ever in Delhi and have a toothache, you can always go to your local street dentist and have it wide!!

In Bengaluru, we went to a craft fair and found a kurta dress for Darla a book on the history of India for Larry and some other craft stuff.

There were little children dressed up as Hindu Gods and dancing.

Families gathered to get pictures of their little ones on the stage.

Our friends, the Prathi Family, had a combined birthday party and baby shower.

Here Akshaya Prathi celebrates her 7th birthday with cake, candles and gifts.

Sister Prathi receives traditional blessings with flower petals, fruit, bangles on her arms (so the baby will recognize the jingling sounds of mother's bangles) and well wishes from family and friends.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy the next morning!

Isaac and Newton at Whitefield Chapel

Larry enjoys the first cornbread muffin made from a mix sent in a Care Package from home!

Thank you, Laura and Michael!!

On Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016 the Rajahmundry District hosted a Couples Conference.

There were workshops on the importance of the Temple, family home evening, resolving conflicts and knowing your parental responsibilities.

Of course, there was food and fun games...
One of the games was to see how many red dots the wives could place on the face of their husbands in 30 seconds.

Sister Newton did a good job of placing 53 dots on Elder Newton's face and head!

We always know when it is Friday in Rajahmundry...
Rows of ambulances line up at the Hindu temples because large crowds come each Friday.

This week and last week is the Festival of Ganesh. Ganesh idols are displayed on the streets, in homes and in the temples. It culminates in dumping a very large Ganesh idol into the River at the end of the festival. Here is a parade in the rain just outside our apartment building.

Here is the large Ganesh idol--a human body with an elephant head.

Here is a collage of the loading of a very large Ganesh idol going onto a flatbed truck in the rain.

The boys with the drums are very enthusiastic!

They dance as well as make the noise!!

Our good friend, Luther Augustus, is shown here with his wife (yellow saree) and a friend of theirs and son from Saudi Arabia. We are at the Church rented facility above the bank in Rajahmundry.

We happened to see this mobile band playing on the street behind our apartment building. They had a really good sound...trumpets, Indian Horns, and an organ--real musicians--and VERY LOUD with the aid of several super-sized speakers and 1,000+ watt amplifiers! You can see that everything is rolling with either tri-cycles or a big tractor up front pulling it along the road with ropes and a large electrical cable between each unit.

We were walking back to our apartment from a visit with the Prathi family. President Prathi took this picture and labeled it "Family...where life begins and love never ends..."

We visited Shekar Alamury's family on 20 Sep 2016. This time both babies--Leona and Reynold--were awake at the same time and Darla was able to hold them both! They were fine so long as they did not look back at that white-faced grandma that was holding them and they could see momma and daddy!

When you can't get certain foods, it's a BIG DEAL when REAL Mayonnaise is smuggled into our apartment!!

We had tuna thanks to Amazon, but repeated attempts at getting mayo were thwarted each time.
Simple pleasures!

Thanks for the Best Foods Real Mayonnaise Michael and Laura!!

Its Sunday. We thawed out some ground beef. What to do with It?

Ahhh, Yes! Tacos--with the aid of smuggled-in taco seasoning, some sharp cheddar cheese from Bangalore, local cabbage (sorry, no lettuce) and tomatoes. And the final taste-pleaser: Old El Paso salsa from Amazon!! Oh, yes...the tacos themselves are actually roti bread. Very good!!!

Raju's birthday lunch at Dolphinn's--we had a great meal and with great company!

While in Mandapeta--about an hour from Rajahmundry--getting ready to distribute wheelchairs, we spotted this turkey; very rare in India. Looks like he hangs with the chickens.


  1. It is SO wonderful to see what you are doing and what a great asset you both are to the Lord. Larry, keep the dots. It adds so much! We need to try that when you get home at a HP social don't you think?

  2. Love the picture of the two of you walking back to your apt.