Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mandapeta Wheelchairs--Completed 30 Sep 2016

On 10 August 2016 we traveled about an hour by car from Rajahmundry to a village called Mandapeta to join Motivation India and Bishop Sinha and the Pastors Fellowship to assess about 50 people to receive wheelchairs. Thirty-seven are on track to receive chairs later this month.

The poorest of the poor people come from miles around to receive help.

The come any way they can get there.

They crawl through the dirt, gravel and mud.

<This man is counseled about what a new chair will mean for him and his family.

>This man is measured for his customized chair.

Both will receive new-found mobility they have never had.

Beneficiaries and their helpers wait patiently for their one-on-one interview.

A bongo band entertains throughout the day.

They are happy.

This young woman came to see what was going on...she didn't really need a chair. She had polio but can walk with her braces with a little balance help. She is a speech therapist and could use a tricycle wheelchair to get to work, but said "Give my chair to someone who needs it." She is fortunate.

This man pauses for a rest after his assessment.

It is hard work for most of these people.

This woman tells of the stroke she had three years ago.

Smiles tell it all!

On 30 September 2016 we returned to Mandapeta for a few people to be fitted to their chairs and to distribute 30 more.

At last the wheelchairs are ready to go to their new owners and families.

A man patiently waits alone for his long-awaited wheelchair... 

There were speeches by several people--including Brother Augustus, Elder Newton and Sister Newton. 

There was always someone to interpret what we said into Telugu.

Bishop Sinha expresses his appreciation for LDS Charities (top)...

Member of Legislative Assembly Jogeswarao (bottom left) expresses his appreciation on behalf of the citizens of his Mandal...

Johnson Rajasekar from Motivation India speaks of the teamwork between  LDSC, the Pastors Fellowship and Motivation India. (bottom right)

Leis, shawls, and something new...

Thank you photos framed for Elder and Sister Newton

Happy faces of some of the people who received their new-found freedom through mobility.

We cherish the time we spend with the people we can help.

A new wheelchair can strengthen the individual and the family.

Happy faces.

Happy families.

Notice the lone man in the picture above finally has his so much needed mobility! He looks comfortable in it!

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