Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hyderabad R.O. Clean Water-- Next Set of Five--total of 35 of 70 Villages--27 May 2016

On Friday, May 27, 2016 we gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the first five of 40 Reverse Osmosis Clean Water filter systems in Nalgonda District.

There were large 1,000 liter-per-hour units and smaller 500 liter-per-hour units--depending on the size of the village.

Upper Left: Rajendren, Supervisor of work at Liquid Solutions.
Upper Right: Shekar Alamury, Project Site Monitor

Ribbons were cut...

There were speeches of appreciation; sharing the importance of strong happy families that build strong communities, states and nations; the importance of self-reliance and positive family values such as respect, compassion and obedience to the laws of the land.

Elder Newton receives a shawl of honor and appreciation from the village leaders.

Sister Newton breaks a coconut for good luck to ensure the equipment works well.

Sister Newton visits with the women and children of the Mukthapur Village.

Children stand near the LDS Charities sign posted on the building.

Women and children excitedly fill the two-liter plastic containers as well as traditional brass and aluminum pots to take water to their homes in the Mukthapur Village.

Top: Member of Hyderabad Stake Presidency Manohar Makela and Rajendran and Shekar pose near the LDSC sign.
Members of the Indiramma Village leadership as well as MLA P. Shekar Reddy, Mr. Sudhakar and Elder Newton pose for a photo for the local newspaper.


Everyone is happy to use the new clean water!

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