Sunday, June 19, 2016

Children's Book Distribution--10 May 2016

Several months ago a member of the Hyderabad Stake, Shekar Alamury, provided LDS Charities with over 2,000 children’s books. These are Indian fables, written in English and very well illustrated.

The Rajahmundry 3rd Branch, along with LDS Charities, sponsored a book distribution.  It was held on Friday and Saturday nights. The first night very few people came but on the second night the word had gotten out and we had many more children who came to get their book.

The purpose of this activity was to let people in the community know who we are and mingle with our members. Some who came asked questions about our Church and the members gladly answered their questions.  There were a few who gave their phone numbers to the members.  After the children received their books there was a little refreshment served.

The children were sooo excited to get a book of their very own.

The Elders were excited to meet the kids and new potential investigators.

A great time was had by all; especially Elder Newton who enjoyed reading to some of the children.

A few weeks later we did the same thing at Kakinada Branch--located about an hour north by car from Rajahmundry.

One young man--about 18 years old--was so intrigued about these Indian Fable books written in English, that he learned a Primary song so that Sister Newton would give him a book!

He ended up reading all six volumes to decide which book he wanted...we gave him a full set!!

The children--as well as the adults--had fun looking at the books, reading and visiting together.

We had a great time!

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