Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wheel Chair Assessment and Distribution--Karimnagar, India--Completed 19 Apr 2016

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 we traveled to Karimnagar--about 3 hours away from Hyderabad.

We joined a team from Motivation India on day two of a three-day wheelchair evaluation "camp" at a cricket stadium.

Each person is evaluated on their abilities--such as their hand grip and their upper body mobility to manipulate a wheelchair. This evaluation helps the Team decide which type of wheelchair is best suited for each person. In addition, each person is measured to ensure that the wheelchair they receive is properly fitted to their body.

People with all sorts of disabilities came from miles around to see if they could qualify for a wheelchair that will operate well in the rough terrain of India.

Over 70 Million people worldwide need wheel-chairs.

By mid-day it was apparent that the word had gotten out that this is the place for people to come to be evaluated for a potential wheelchair!

This young man was paralyzed several years ago from the chest down after he fell from a power pole following being accidentally electrocuted while repairing electrical transmission lines.

He had a positive outlook on life and was so very excited at the prospect of having a wheelchair that would help him move around his home and his city.

Motivation manufactures several types of wheelchairs.

The Team is concerned about the well-being of the people. This man had some severe pressure sores and was taken immediately to a hospital for treatment.

L to R: Nalini, Assistant Director of the Karimnagar District Disabled Welfare Department; Prasanth from Motivation India; Sister Newton and Elder Newton from LDSC; Shekar Alamury LDS Member; Johnson, Motivation Southern India Coordinator; a local volunteer.

On July 20, 2016 we traveled back to Karimnagar and helped distribute 280 wheelchairs to the people who had been evaluated, fitted and trained to use their new chairs.

Like teenagers with their first new car!

"I can't wait to go shoppin' in my new ride!"

Buddies getting the feel of their new-found freedom.

There was excitement in the air...

Smiles on faces...

"Me and my Dad can go places together!

What fun we are going to have!"

We had the opportunity to recognize the Honorable Finance Minister of Telangana State, Shri Eetela Rajender, with an LDSC Crystal for his support.

We had a great experience. Our hearts were full...

Our eyes were wet...

We love to see people with new-found hope and joy in life.


  1. Can't imagine the amount of people who need wheelchairs. We have them inn Walmart for lazy people.

  2. Can't imagine the amount of people who need wheelchairs. We have them inn Walmart for lazy people.

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