Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Visit to Kutch--14 Apr 2016

Cuda' got use to that!
On 14 April we flew to Mumbai (Old Bombay) to meet Dr. Richard Clark and his wife. 

We stayed at  the VERY nice JW Marriott hotel. Our trips to and from the airport, though short, were in a luxurious Mercedes Benz.

The swimming pool was inviting...

The lobby was breathtaking...

The room was spectacular!

After flying from Mumbai to Bhuj--we began our tour of medical facilities where doctors, midwives and other medical professionals will be trained on infant resuscitation as part of the Helping Babies Breathe Maternal and Newborn Care Program. 

This small two-room clinic houses the maternity hospital for the Bharwad tribe. The health professional here has been delivering babies for well over 30 years.

The Bharwad women dress in colorful skirts and tops. No sarees here.

Here is a sample of some of the tribe's handi work.

It has lots of jewels, sequins and mirrors which they hand sew on to the fabric.

It takes many weeks to finish a project.

We next traveled to a hospital in the Kutch District (like a US County) to see training facilities there.

Kutch is about 125 miles from the Pakistan border.

This is the hospital owned and operated by Dr. Naveen Thacker--the LDSC partner for the Project in Gandhidham, Kutch.

A large earthquake knocked this entire town to the ground less than 10 years ago--including this hospital. It all had to be rebuilt. The town does not allow buildings over three stories high now.

On the way back to the Bhuj airport we stopped to visit with Dr. D.K. Dubhi, the Chief Medical Officer for the Kutch District to make sure we had his support for this MNC Project. He was very happy to see us and gave his full cooperation.

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  1. Earthquakes are a part of life in some places, like hurricanes down south.