Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

New Year's Eve celebration at the Church

Raju and his family:

It was Suara's birthday on January 1st. We all went to Eat & Play for lunch! 

Crispy chicken sandwiches, fries and what looked like fry sauce (not!).

We went for a walk along the Godavari River.

Cool and pleasant.

Raju took us to see his Sister's granddaughter and visit with his family along the alleys near the river.

Several members of the Church live in this area.

Great people!!

Larry is offered a deep-fried pepper...and can't turn it down.

No, it's not hot...

Well maybe it's hot...about a 6...

OK, IT'S HOT!!!!!

What a beautiful saree! This is all hand-beaded. 
It took months to make

On the way to Vizag, we saw a man wearing his native clothes.

It was about time for Larry's hair to be cut, so Raju took him to his favorite barber.

Larry got a head massage, a hand and arm massage, and a great haircut! 

He was surprised that all of that cost only 100 rupees.

We went to a small one-room Christian church in East Godavari and helped distribute rice and fruit to a group of about 20 elderly and disabled poor people. There are seven families in the colony (neighborhood) there who pool their resources to provide food to these people each month. After we went to the home of one of the families and visited with them. Great people! 

The Young Adults decided to repair all of the Hymn books in the Rajahmundry church house. What a book crew!!

We stepped outside our door and found our neighbor across the hall and her niece had made this terrific design with sand colors on the floor of the outside corridor. This is part of the Pongal Festival that Hindus celebrate in late January.

The Second Branch sisters invited to their Relief Society activity on Pongal Day.

We had a lesson, did a few games with them and went to a nearby bakery and had a treat!

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