Thursday, October 1, 2015

Signs that Crack Us Up

Here is a collection of signs that we have seen that just


This is just a FEW of the cement companies in and around Hyderabad. They put their advertising on buildings they have built.

So, is the gasoline highly flammable or inflammable?

Only trouble is, everybody drives rashly.

My kind of department store...
 One that I can't get lost in.

Hero Honda Spelists...

Interesting sign at the Hyderabad airport:
Directions listed in 

OK, all you kids quit playing in the park! Hey, are  you listening to me? No playing in the park.

OH, and no littering either...


Let's see G-a-r-t-e-n.

Got it.

The Smart City...

That's where I'm goin'!

So, you can get all sorts of stuff at this party provider store...
Ice Gola (Ice cold Coke)
Bommalu Candy (Nobody we know can figure this out)
Papcorn (Popcorn)
Tatoos (Tattoos), Sweet Corn (Roasted corn on a stick).

This sign was in an outdoor restaurant along a river safari along the eastern Sri Lanka coastline.

Tinkering in India is autobody repair work. Tinkaring is probably similar.

This is an exclusive Superstarkist medical supply store...

Probably a good idea here...

Cabs for women, driven by women.

Found in an exclusive hotel in Vijayawada City, the new capitol of Andhra Pradesh after Telangana State was split off.

So, Kevin--we did not know you had a foreign language school in Rajahmundry.  How Cool!!

We thought this was an interesting sign in our neighborhood. Vedic Math is a special way of teaching, learning and analyzing math that has its origins in India and other places in Asia.

Haalo, Haalo---

Any body there?

Pedestrals only, please...

This is at the Bhuj Airport--also a military base--in Kutch District, Gujarat State

If you smash your car, professional tinkerers will pound out the body and fenders.

We do not know about Tinkaring...

This is a sign about Leadership and Management at one of the entrances to a cricket stadium in Karimnagar, a town in Karimnagar District, Telangana State--near Hyderabad.

And, this women's hostel has water 24 hours per day.

Great selling point!

Sorry, no food outside...where there are chairs and tables.

Tyre Puncture shop

Oktoberfest in Hyderabad

Hmpowering Hearing aids Dec 2016

Got it.

Frozen Vehicle--Keep Distance, Sound Horn

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