Thursday, October 22, 2015

More Adventures in Rajahmundry--Oct 2015

On Sunday, October 4, 2015 we had a baptism.  What was unusual is that the Elders found a way to assist a disabled father baptize his 12 year old son. The Elders carried the man into the font and held him as he did the baptizing. It was Incredible.

From left to right:
Elder Sudas, Elder Sunny, Elder Newton, Elder Thompson, Taneti Nageshavara Rao (father), Taneti Rajcsh (son) Elder Dharavath, Sister Newton

One morning we began to hear the call of a very large bird outside our window. It was the distinctive call of an eagle! We gently opened the drape and there was a beautiful Spotted Eagle with its prey. She just stood there and called over and over. We think she was calling for her mate to come enjoy breakfast with her. She stayed about half an hour.

A passenger train whistles as it pulls into the Rajahmundry station.
Interesting observation: I noticed these three workers using an electric jackhammer to remove some cement outside a small retail mall. They had no tools other than the jackhammer. No gloves. No shovels. No picks. No safety glasses. Just their bare hands and the jackhammer. I don't see many tools at all here in India.

Yes, we do have an iron.

Just no ironing board...

Ya' use what ya' got.

Jessyraj has his eighth birthday...

And is ready to be baptized.

Jessy's father, Raju, drives a cab in Rajahmundry and does most of the driving when a Church leader comes to town.

Jessyraj with his President Basina, District President... his dad, mom and sister.

The whole family came to witness his baptism.

Jessy with Elder Newton, Sister Newton, his dad, mom and sister.

The Rajahmundry District gathers for Conference
October 10, 2015
Another great baptism--this time a returned missionary--Bharath Banjarapu baptized his father--Ramakrishna .

Rajahmundry Zone Conference--14 Oct 2015

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