Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unusual Transportation and Loads

Watch this post for a continuing saga of unusual modes of transportation or unusual loads in India

Elder Newton will add pictures as he comes across them

Transporting five milk in cans plus measuring
and filtering equipment on a small motorcycle

Bicycle Rickshaw in front of the Shelton Hotel in Rajahmundry.
He is pushing it up the hill.

Truck with bundles--notice the man sitting on top of the load.
There were three men on top of this load.

Bicycle Rickshaw with flatbed and load. That big box on the top must be pretty heavy--it appears it was loaded with a fork lift.
Nothing is ever tied down, for any reason.
At least the arrows are facing up.
Fragile? What's that?
Yeah, my tires are a little flat.

LPG gas is delivered to homes on a subscription basis. 
Here it is delivered on a tiny scooter.
This driver has six, seven-gallon tanks on his tiny machine.

Fruit being transported and then sold from
a three-wheeled bicycle.

This collage captures the "get 'er done" ingenuity Indians have for transporting stuff with the resources they have! The picture at the lower right is an example of how trucks all over India are decorated.  I asked why, and was told that the drivers take such pride in their trucks that they want to make them look extra special--and to make them look newer than they actually are!
It is amazing how much stuff can fit in an auto.
Mostly garbage is picked up with two guys, two shovels, a tractor and a flatbed trailer with three foot sides. This is noteworthy because it is the first real garbage truck in captivity in India.
Well, it is the first one we saw.
Top: Carpet on a four-wheeled cart, colorful boxes on a Tata truck
Bottom: Mystry load on a motorized three-wheeled bicycle; wild and ferocious empty water bottles on an auto truck--so wild they had to keep them in a cage to transport them; reeeal tall load on a tiny truck.
Top: Guy on the back of a motorcycle holding a ten foot pole--I guess he is looking for someone who wants a ten foot pole is so he can not touch something. And a reeeal tall cage truck.
Bottom: A reeeal tall load on a small truck--
so tall it wouldn't fit in the picture.

Top: Same three guys riding around on top of the truck shown above.
Middle: Truck with reeeal long pipes on top.
Bottom: Auto truck with sticks for making brooms;
Truck carrying "Edible Oil". I'll take my 3-in-one oil in a shot glass please.
Top: Big load of potatoes
Bottom: Big load of animal feed?
There goes the coconut guy!
Big fancified dump truck with a load of dirt--
he has the right-of-way around here! Big truck; big horn.

A snake outside a grocery store--the guys came running to take a picture; the girls ran and screamed!

How many guys can you stuff in an auto?

We see this fellow going by our apartment on the street every day. The cow is hauling its own dinner.

Ride share school bus. Based on the number of back packs hanging on the back and side, it looks like there are about ten kids in this "auto"--better known as an "auto rickshaw".

Sand trailer being pulled by a tractor.

25-Ton truck loaded up and ready to take food to the flood victims of the Chennai flood, December 2015.

What is it?

Cow bringing its wagon back to get breakfast

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