Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bangalore Mission Home Experience--7 Sep 1015

Outside the Bangalore, India Mission Home.
The ground floor contains a Church Distribution Center
and the Mission offices.
The first floor contains the Service Center and
the top floor is the Mission President's residence.

The Whitefield Branch meeting house is in the Mission Compound, in front of the Mission Home

We had three days of senior couples instruction and sharing with President and Sister Barrett. 

Also present were Elder and Sister Condie from Sri Lanka;
Elder and Sister Grundy, who are the new office couple in Bangalore; and Elder and Sister Bedke, who move from the office to member/leadership services in Bangalore.

Dinner Sunday evening in the Mission Home.

The streets of Bangalore

There were dozens of granite and marble rock
counter/floor distribution centers along the road.
We went on a jeep "safari" at an animal preserve and saw 
window-licking bears, grazing elephants, sleepy lions, pacing 
tigers, and wild man-eating butterflies.

Da Bears...

Elephants grazing along the road...

Lions--highly engaged with life...

Tigers pacing the fence line...

A white tiger in an enclosure for special treatment.

Here is where the deer--NOT the antelope--play in India.

The butterfly preserve

And we found a Common Mormon butterfly. Huh.

Lots of amazing flowers also in the compound.

Moneys danced along the block fence on the way out of the park.

And finally, a trip to the outhouse before we head back.

More typical traffic--by the way, missionaries do not even touch a steering wheel anywhere in India.  The traffic rules are very different.

The Elders came to our Indian dinner to instruct us on how to eat properly with our fingers.

First, grab a little rice, meat and curry; make a ball of the mixture; place the ball of food on your index finger and the next two fingers; and slide the food into your mouth with your thumb--like shooting marbles only slowly and back at you!

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