Sunday, June 4, 2017

Noble School--Sakhinetipalli

Noble School in Sakhinetipalli is a small school of 150 students.

Noble School 1987

Thirty years ago Mr. B. Raja V. Prasad realized that there was no school available to many of the children in Sakhinetipalli.  He and his wife knew that the poor would always be poor without an education, so they opened a school.

Noble School offers free education to the children of physically handicapped and the poor. They offer classes from lower Kindergarten to tenth class. They teach English medium, even to the lower Kindergarten (3-year olds).

They teach what they call "Socially Useful Productive Work" as a part of school life. The teachers work with the students and villagers in the construction of houses, community centers, sanitation systems, self-employment and AIDS awareness.

Noble is a three story building. The bottom floor has the school office and storage room. The rest of the lower floor is rented out to small businesses. The rent from these shops provides the funding for the school.

Classrooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors--a total of eleven classrooms. There is no wiring on these two floors and therefore there are no lights or fans.

The children take their lunch outside under what they call a "dining shed."  

The roof of this shed, and the roof over an area the teachers use, is full of holes and pieces of metal are missing. This is the only place with any shade.

Lights and fans were installed in all the classrooms.

Children and staff celebrated their new light and cooler classrooms!

The metal roofs were replaced as we finished our service. We are happy to provide a more educational friendly space for these children of a rural village in India.

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