Sunday, February 21, 2016

Finishing the Hyderabad RO Clean Water Project--February 2016

We went to the village that our Project Champion, Mr. Sudhakar, grew up in.

Here, the children of the village school--grades K through 6--marched up the street with a drum band to greet us.

One of the traditions of Hindu-faith people is to break open a coconut and spill out the coconut water at the site of new equipment as a symbol of ensuring it will work for a very long time.

We encourage the Village Panchayat (elected governing body) to closely follow the recommended maintenance as well.

Lots of ribbons to cut!

This is a government-sponsored school. It is called Model School and is one of two in the State of Telangana. It is grades 6 through 10, plus two levels of trades school to help the children learn a marketable skill.

The children were so excited to receive cricket bats, balls, soccer balls, jump ropes and small rings for ring-toss.

Six-year chemistry teacher, Venu, tells the effect of fluoride on the bones and teeth. And now because LDS Charities brought clean water to the school, these children and future generations will be healthier. And for that, they are thankful; it has made him and the children very happy.

Turning the systems on!

What a great feeling!

Our Member of (State) Legislative Assembly (MLA) has several banners that are usually posted near each celebration. Here, his photo is in the upper right of the banner and LDS Charities' logo is in the upper left--showing the cooperative relationship of the Church and Telangana State.

Shekar Alamury--our Project Monitor-- decided to take a selfie at the Model School.

This is soooo cool!

School lunch ladies

Here is what the bad water looks like while flowing down the river.
Foam from the pollution and fluoride collects on the rocks.

Everyone is excited to see CLEAN WATER for drinking and cooking come out of the system!

Most of the RO water systems are 500 liter per hour output. That will supply a village up to 2,000 people. If there are more, a larger 1,000 liter per hour plant is installed.

Then there are presentations--shawls and flower leis usually.

And, of course, speeches to give...

People in the villages

Shekar Alamury, Sudhakar Goud, and Rajendran--great helpers to make it all happen!

Newspaper coverage, Namaste Telangana E-Paper, 16 February 2016.

Newspaper coverage, Vaartha E-Paper, 17 February 2016.

Elder Newton and three Champions of the Cause...


  1. Hey you two! Way to go! It looks to me like you are the new celebs in India. What a wonderful thing to bring the people. I can't imagine having yucky water my whole life and then having clean water brought in by angels. I hope that you are doing as well as you look. The Lord blesses missionaries immensely, doesn't He? Thanks for the blog. Love you. Dixie

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