Sunday, December 13, 2015


Of the total thirteen blocks (several village areas) in the Cuddalore district, the incessant rain and flash floods affected eleven blocks; about six were severely affected. Fifty-three Village Panchayats (village governing bodies) comprising 219 hamlets were severely affected by the rain and flash floods. 

Due to heavy flooding, accessibility to villages across the district was harshly affected. About 2,0164 hectares (about 50,000 acres) of crops were submerged due to flash flooding and incessant rainfall. 

The number of families reporting cattle loss was more than 300. Damage to shelters was reported by 4,804 families.

Bringing in the supplies for packaging.

This is what was put in each pink food bag.

 A total of 1,700 food bags were packed and shipped in two trucks-- 640 to Chennai Church members; 1,060 bags to families in small villages south of Chennai who were especially hit by the storm.

Members and missionaries working together to load the trucks.

Along with food bags oil, bread, and milk were shipped.

It took a big truck to get the last of the food bags on their way.

The last truck pulled out Monday afternoon at about 4:00 p.m. and arrived in Chennai the next morning.

Members from the Coimbatore Branch--located about 320 miles south of Chennai--and missionaries distribute food and supplies in Chennai.

All food and supplies made it to their destination safe and sound. 
No relief volunteers were injured.

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